Niger Key Facts

Niger, Africa

19.1m population

1,267,000 km2

US$8.2bn GDP

c.20kbd current oil production

  • 2014 population of 19.1m people (59th largest population in the world)
  • Landlocked country in West Africa covering 1,267,000km2 (21st largest country in the world)
  • Terrain mainly desert, with arable land in the South West and South East
  • Former French colony, now boasts a multi -party democratic system of government
  • Centre Left government, pro-Foreign Direct Investment
  • Significant French (cultural/economic/military), Chinese, Canadian (both economic) and US (military) influences
  • Strong and free press, ranked 47 out of 180 in Reporters Without Borders 2015 Press Freedom Index
  • 2014 GDP of US$8.2bn, economy focused around subsistence agriculture and raw commodity export
  • Current oil production capacity of 20kbd, product sold domestically and also exported to northern Nigeria


Source: World Bank, EIU, Savannah, Reporters Without Borders